ClockworksFlyff Private server


Vote for clockworks flyff!

Vote on gtop100

Vote on jagtoplist100

Vote on Topofgames100

Vote on top-mmo

You can vote every 12 hours 

Remember , Vote for clockworks flyff and get an ingame prize! The prize list is:

Bloody Sword +10

Bloody Axe +10 

Bloody Wand +10 

Bloody Staff +10 

Bloody Big Axe +10 

Bloody Slayer +10 

Bloody Stick +10 

Bloody Knuckle +10

Bloody Bow +10 

Bloody YoYo +10 

50 Sunstones 

99 Moonstones


Or if we get 100 Votes 


So remember pplz keep voting! x3

The Vote buttons are links to and Vote for both plx! :) 

Only 1 item per 4 votes ty 

Contact me on hamachi , in-game , or the websites Chat window for your voting prize Ty And happy voting!




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